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Welcome to Fifty/50 Martial Arts Academy!

Northern Virginia’s premier martial arts academy offering classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, submission grappling, wrestling, and Mixed Martial Arts for children and adults, run by UFC Fighter Ryan Hall.

Come train with BJJ World champions and the only active UFC Fighter in the entire DC area – Fifty/50 provides a positive martial arts environment dedicated to offering an accelerated learning program! That’s why 90% of our classes are taught by International Medalist brown and black belts, you shouldn’t accept less.

We’re Located At – {map}:

929 W Broad St
Ste 103 (Basement)
Falls Church, VA 22046

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Tournament Prep

10989519_463325590497649_1418489069348089588_nSometimes it’s hard for students (particularly those with limited schedules) to find time to work on their own specific game because the regular instruction-led classes have a set rotating curriculum intended to expose students to a wide swath of techniques. While this is important for breadth of knowledge, it is also important for you to find time to further hone the techniques you will use in times of pressure. The Tournament Prep class was designed to help you further develop your feel, timing, and speed for your “go-to” moves. 

This session is a 45 minute targeted drilling class and has no instruction. Therefore, students are expected to run through only techniques with which they are already relatively comfortable. Students are expected to be warmed up before the start of this session so as not to take away from their partner’s time and reps. Attendees must have at least 6 months of instructor-led Jiu-Jitsu training in order to participate.

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